Open Data Repository

The SUITS Open Data Repository (S-ODR) is a global repository for urban mobility data collections (e.g. citizen mobility, freight traffic, FCD, parking, traffic lights, etc.), acquired from the partners of the H2020/SUITS Project ( However, any other contributor of relevant such datasets is invited and welcome to contribute. Anonymized or pseudonymized (only) contributions can be uploaded after registration. Data access is free, respecting license terms & conditions.

For Visitors

Open access to all published data collections.

Visitor Access

For Contributors

To upload and manage data collections. Login required.

Contributor Access

Data Repository

for the SUITS Project Partners

All partners have a access to a private cloud file storage space for collaboration. Access is available via secure file transfer protocol.
  • The SUITS Project Data Repository is used to store all kinds of large volumes of data (e.g. traffic data, logistics data, crowdsourced data, etc.).
  • The SUITS DAta REpository uses the Secure FTP protocol to access the DaRe and subdirectories for each partner, for advanced security and privacy.
  • For security purposes, each partner has its own password and all operations are logged.